About KOSH 9009

KOSH 9009 standard is focused on the development, implementation and improvement of a food safety management system specifically for Kosher certified restaurants. Being KOSH 9009 certified enables your establishment to have a third party food safety management system in place as required by the National Food Safety Council and its governing bodies. KOSH 9009 is the only food safety certification program designed for Kosher certified restaurants, delis, bakeries, diaries, wineries, breweries and manufacturers of Kosher food. The KOSH 9009 symbol is increasingly becoming synonymous with food quality and safety in the Kosher marketplace. Applicants must be Kosher certified by a nationally recognized Kashrut agency in order to qualify for KOSH 9009 certification.

Benefits of KOSH 9009?

The KOSH 9009 Food Safety Management System provides a framework for effectively managing your restaurant’s food safety responsibilities. Being KOSH 9009 certified demonstrates your commitment to food safety and quality, and helps improve safety measures through third-party audits and management reviews. KOSH 9009 improves your all around Food Safety Management System (FSMS) to help correct and/or avoid regulatory violations. It aligns with FSM 22000, the official food safety management program required by the National Food Safety Council (NFSC).

What Does KOSH-9009 Provide?

KOSH-9009 certification provides systematic control of a Kosher food establishment’s activities to ensure that food safety system needs and regulatory requirements are met. Since the introduction of KOSH-9009, changes have been implemented by food establishments to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are being followed. KOSH 9009 is committed to remain the leading food safety certification program for the Kosher industry, and therefore to ensure transparency, all certifications are overseen by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) and National Food Safety Council.

KOSH 9009 Qualification and Achievement

KOSH-9009 is available exclusively for restaurants and food establishments current Kosher certified by a nationally recognized Kosher certification agency. KOSH 9009 supports the ongoing commitment to internal and external food safety and quality as well as customer and supplier improvement. Achievement of the certification provides Kosher restaurants with added measurable assurance that is more consistent and dependable than inspections from regulatory agencies. All registrars authorized to issue KOSH 9009 certifications are required to provide you added value and assist you to improve your food’s safety and service efficiency through constructive internal and external audits as well as employee training and quality management improvement that will enhance your company‚Äôs existing Kosher certification. KOSH 9009 registrars are further required to provide continuous customer assistance with the support and guidance of its Board of Advisors and Governing Board.