KOSH 9009 Application

KOSH 9009 standard is focused on the development, implementation and improvement of a food safety management system for Kosher restaurants. Being KOSH 9009 certified enables your food establishment to have a third party food safety management system in place as required by the National Food Safety Council and its governing bodies. KOSH 9009 is the only food safety certification program designed specifically for Kosher food restaurants, delis, bakeries, diaries, wineries, breweries and manufacturers of Kosher food. The KOSH 9009 symbol is increasingly becoming synonymous with food quality and safety in the Kosher marketplace.


Benefits of KOSH 9009 Certification:

  • Tests compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements such as Board of Health, EPA, OSHA, etc.
  • Attract more customers by further demonstrating your commitment to food safety and quality;
  • Correct or avoid violations by improving your Food Safety Management System (FSMS);
  • Improve safety measures through third-party internal audits and management reviews;
  • Aligns with NSM 22000, the official food safety program required by the National Food Safety Council (NFSC).